A New Home

My new servers have been live for a while now, check out the new site at www.makkintosshu.com.


The Next Steps

What's needed to push hyouden into the R&D stage? The list follows:
  1. Fix a minor oversight on my server which will allow me to install the following services:
    1. Subversion and Apache 2
    2. MySQL
  2. Move this blog over to my server (running Textpattern)
  3. Set up a private wiki for the hyouden documentation
  4. Start programming!

Subversion is my highest priority at the moment. I want to start programming on some quick proof-of-concept tech demos, but I'm exercising restraint. Moving the blog I can take some time on since I've got this temporary blog set up. Blogs are great for publishing, source code management is great for versioning and backup (as well as more peace of mind), wikis are great for documentation... I'll eventually set up a private wiki for the hyouden documentation, but it is my lowest priority.

I just need to get back into the flow or programming... soon.


Project Hyouden, World. World, Project Hyouden.

Project: Hyouden.

Currently in the conceptual and initial research stage, but soon to be pushed into the R&D stage. This has been years in the making.


{Blink} Another year gone.

This blog is a temporary home for the makkintosshu site which has been up and down over the past years. It'll be up in it's intended state sometime in the coming months, but there's work to be done in the meantime.

I might finally have some focus, if that's what you call concentrating on only a half dozen projects at once, and so I need to get some of that flow going in a productive direction. Work takes the majority of my time (it's partly the commute, and I'm on call as well), the makkintosshu site and servers take another large chunk of the leftover time (luckily it's part of my education for my position), I tend to do a lot of industry research (i.e. procrastination claiming to be education), and time is going to be spent working on Hyouden (details coming). Oh, and there's that other thing I'm always forgetting... "personal life," I think it's called.

As posts become more regular, you may find my thoughts all over the place, but I will try to keep them focused to my major projects. You may also find I'm a bit more of a luddite than most of those working on the projects I work on tend to be. Hopefully that'll help bring a little balance to my projects.